design by Melissa Guion / tapes by Cryptic Carousel / risograph print by Constance
Temporary Requiem is a mass for dance - the music score to “Known Mass. No. 3: St. Maurice.” A collaboration with dance maker and choreographer Ann Glaviano, it utilizes heavily dissected and altered passages of the traditional Latin requiem mass as the accompanying text across 6 movements. As the mission of “St. Maurice” is to build and break down a lost church over the span of the performance, the music serves to help transport "the congregation" to this dreamworld.

live performances
2/17/18 (workshop) - Art Klub, New Orleans, LA (as a part of Prospect.4 programming, "The Aesthetics of Garbage")
5/9-11/19 - Happyland Theater, New Orleans, LA
5/17-18/19 - minicine?, Shreveport, LA

"Kyrie: The Stained Glass Windows in Their Original Order" featuring Known Mass dancers Ann Glaviano and Catherine Nelson performing movement scores from "St. Maurice" - screened 6/25/21 via Experimental Sound Studio
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